Working Together is the Secret

The Complete Solution for Exceptional Properties

We are reputed to provide the highest international standard of marketing and brand exposure with a broad reach focused on attracting high net worth Guests.

If you own or manage a property that fits our elective criteria, then we can help build your brand and business.

As you can see from our “Services” and “About us” pages, Unique Retreats provides advanced technology and brand reach to very discerning hosts who also serve high net worth Guests.

All the exceptional properties you see on this site have elements that fit our Guests demographic and their expectations. To be selected for “Unique Retreats” requires out-of-the-ordinary design concept – features – facilities,  a historical – soulful – emotional story, amazing location, and, last but not least, a level of service that will exceeds Guests expectations.

We require that all managers or owners :

  • Understand that the guest is central to the business and a truly wonderful holiday is anticipated at your property.
  • Pay attention to every detail, from toiletries to pool maintenance to linen quality of chefs, food preparation, cleaning, staff behavior and more.
  • Ensure all staff have the highest level of training and are aligned with this business ethos.


Unique Retreats
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Carrer Consel del Cent 394, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Enquiries: +34 68 68 75 021
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    Unique branding & marketing

    As part of our villa marketing and reservation services, we have developed distinctive individual brand identities for a number of unique villas, launched and optimised an array of villa websites, and earned an extensive loyal following as we developed privileged relationships with major players in the travel industry.

    Vital to one’s success in today’s competitive rental market, each of our client also relies on our comprehensive cloud-based management system, Klik.Villas, which also enables our villa partners to attract more guests and handle them professionally and efficiently.

    What differentiates us from our peers is the permanent dedication in creating sustainability for your property and brand. Firstly, we merely appear in the background while the legacy of our label and portfolio ensures an instant gratification for your property. Secondly, we are fully transparent and as an owner or manager you have direct contact with each booking partner so as to build a direct, trusted rapport with them too!

    Stand out from the crowd

    Our dedicated marketing team will take care of all your needs, from artistic property photography to write-ups highlighting your unique selling points (USPs) and the distribution of your property to our established network.

    We also advise meticulously on setting rental rates, running special promotions, contract terms and conditions, and operating policies.

    Due their emergence and required dedicated care, we are possibly the only one to also cater for Russian and Chinese source markets with dedicated collateral and B2B sales distribution team.

    Reservation services

    Professional reservation services

    Let our Reservation & Destination Specialists do the work, and manage all your listings, enquiries and bookings.

    • We set your rates and promotion as we know what works and will seek an overall understanding of your local competition and what clients search
    • Our sales team handles all queries and follow up with clients from all booking sources.
    • We handle the entire reservations and payment administration
    • We distribute and update your property to the most effective booking sources on the market
    • Your property is part of a respected and larger portfolio and benefits from enquiries when others are full
    • Review real time reports on each bookings using our rental management system
    • All funds are paid to you before guests’ arrival


    See what our clients are saying about us


    John, Property Manager

    In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we engaged Unique Retreats to undertake the complete rebranding and distribution of our portfolio. This is a long process for which details, intimate market knowledge, vision and team work were essential to ensure that the budget and time were well spent. The journey was not only a great human experience, we did surpass the initial objective by achieving well over the double digit increase in booking volume. We also returned our investment within a year and gained tremendous reputation on and offline. There is nothing more satisfactory than seeing one achieving expectations and we are now carrying on our relationship with Unique Retreats, combining our efforts in what we and they do best.


    Kevin, Owner representative

    Unique retreats, reducing time to market and increasing profitability! The branding exercise, extensive network of preferred booking partners and the management system ensure that they are focused solely on results and provide great insight in what is happening on the market. This is a unique marketing model and I thank you for all your support while looking forward to our long term cooperation.


    Krystyna, Owner

    It is so refreshing to work with a team of professionals that truly know their business and market. Launching our villa was simply effortless with this team and the advice and support offered was so professional I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody else. Villa Kya has been an astounding success and I truly thank all the hard work of Marc and his team!