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  • Escape the Island Samui


    ESCAPE THE ISLAND is a real life quest game- similar to escape room but it takes place in the jungle, on a small island south of Koh Samui.

    The game consist of riddles, thinking games and collecting clues to solve the game and ESCAPE THE ISLAND

    A secret society called “The Illuminati” locked an information to one of their projects in the safe. This project is one of their biggest projects to control the world. The code to the safe is on the Island hidden with a series of codes and riddles. You have 3 hours the find the code to the safe and ESCAPE THE ISLAND!

    Do you think you got what it takes?

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    Useful information

    Duration 3 hours
    Ages All ages
    Points A: 339/C: 237
    Location Tong Krut Koh Samui
    Website Link
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