Have you ever dreamed of living by a lake? Have you ever wanted to wake up and watch the wind rustle the water, sit on the terrace and let the sound of lapping waves ease the stresses of life?

You won’t be surprised its the dream of millions but covers a whole multitude of options! It could be an adventure holiday on the American great lakes, or a pike fishing holiday on one of the 20,000+ Finnish lakes, or it could be that special place rich in history and frequented by the rich and famous.

Overall 10% of people choose a lake holiday. This is not a simple choice, there are far more places to stay without lakes of course and a premium is applied which is why one reason not everybody can have a truly memorable lake holiday.

Lake Holidays

At Unique Retreats we select places that give something different. It may combine beauty and history or wilderness and sharp edges. Not everybody has the same tastes. George Clooney or black bears its what makes us different.

Lake Living ~ Frozen Finnish Lake