Perhaps you wonder at those people heading off to luxury beach holidays year in and year out, why they do it. Its simply because human nature makes us all different, gives us all our own characters, loves, likes and dreams.

Painting a picture of sun drenched beaches or rolling breakers crashing on white sands is not for all. We have that collection of luxury properties too of course. Country lovers, rural addicts often love the getaway from everything, the of sip of local wines, the fresh virgin olive oil, the taste of fresh croissants for breakfast or the walk for miles through lanes of blossom. Solitude or close family get together’s away from the hustle and bustle of bust lives and a time to reflect on the important things!

This is what rural luxury idylls are about. It will help the soul to have plenty of home comforts of course, perhaps your own pool and plenty of space and solitude.

Uniqueretreats is building the portfolio of luxury country homes for just that occasion. Whether its California, Tuscany, rural France, then we can find it for you!