Book Now Pay Later


Money makes the world go around, or so they say!  Whatever anyone may say, easing cash flow situations and ensuring that your holiday is funded correctly makes a great deal of sense. is a partner of which provides an online credit facility to allow staged payments for your holiday. This service can be very helpful for people who want to maybe book early and a pay a few hundred pounds deposit, securing the best deal early in the year before the great properties are booked up or prices rise as accommodation becomes scarce. You could be organising your wedding and every pound planned is a pound better spent. These cash restrictive situations can hold back plans you may wish to make sooner than later.

This service will be integrated to the checkout process on this site where a booking can be made immediately. For this service there is currently an office option that we can organise over the phone.  We have however provided a check to see what amount you may be eligible for below. The maximum currently is £2000 credit and maximum payment period is 10 months. Each person will have their own credit history and profile, the system takes this into account.

NOTE: This system does not affect your credit history or be registered as a credit check. This service is also only available to UK RESIDENTS for now and you must be over 18 years of age and have a mobile phone to validate your credit opportunity.